Friday, October 11, 2013

Coffey Brothers Update

Looks like the Coffey bros have been pushing themselves. The following are notes from Susan Coffey, their mom:

"We had great conditions for last weekends Surfing America contest at Church. Ben and Sam both won their first round heats and advanced to the quarter finals. They're learning a ton at every contest - it's been a good experience and a lot of fun.   Next up is NSSA at Morro Bay, next weekend." 

 They also had some nice results, this summer. Susan states:

"At Junior Guard Regionals in Newport Beach, Ben extended his winning streak in the Distance Paddle to 5 years.  He also took home a 2nd in the paddle relay, and 3rd in the swim relay. 

Sam anchored the winning paddle relay team and was leading the whole way in the distance paddle but got an unlucky break at the end when a number of kids caught a wave in and boxed him out. He ended up in 5th overall. 

The last competition of the summer was Nor Cals at Main Beach where the boys took home another batch of ribbons.

Ben was a Captain this year with the Santa Cruz City Junior Guard program, which comes with the perk of jumping off lifeguard headquarters!

The last day of Junior Guards was Friday and both boys were chosen as Most Outstanding in their age division for the summer - I'm proud of them both as it's based not just on athletic ability but also attitude and sportsmanship.

Ben also did the GnaR S R,  a Run / Swim / Run / Swim / Run / Swim / Run race from Santa Cruz wharf to Capitola. It's about a mile of swimming and 5 miles of running. He finished in just over an hour.  1:04."